DigThisData Announces the Acquisition of Winemetrics

Toronto, ON (January 29, 2018) — DigThisData, a product of Toronto–based company A51 providing industry leading business intelligence and sales cycle management tools to LCBO and The Beer Store vendors, today announced it has acquired Winemetrics.

Winemetrics, since 2011, has accumulated data on LCBO product sales that is now available as part of DigThisData.

DigThisData offers solutions for Breweries, Wineries, Spirit Producers, and Agents who sell product through the Liquor Licensing Board of Ontario and The Beer Store. With DigThisData, vendors are able to align teams managing daily retail inventory, order management, sales data, and market trends.

Data, available to purchase from the LCBO by product subset, can become increasingly expensive as a vendor’s product offering grows. For many vendors who deal in often hundreds of LCBO product subsets, purchasing this data is simply not financially viable. With the acquisition of Winemetrics, DigThisData now offers insight into all LCBO subsets and products regardless of a vendors LCBO Sale of Data Subscription.

Want to know which Coolers are dominating the market? Interested in finding out which locations an import beer is selling best? See a correlation between Chardonnay and Pale Ale sales? DigThisData now provides the same familiar Industry tools for all LCBO Subsets regardless of your plan or bracket tier.

The Winemetrics application will remain operational during a transition period where existing customers will be migrated over to DigThisData. DigThisData offers a far more modern interface and robust feature set, including mobile compatibility.

About DigThisData

DigThisData is the industry leading Business Intelligence, CRM, and Sales Cycle Management application for LCBO, BCLS, LDB, The Beer Store, and Direct Sales of alcoholic beverages in Ontario and British Columbia. Clients include Muskoka Brewery, Amsterdam Brewery, Side Launch Brewing, Big Rig Brewery, Great Lakes Brewery, Sawdust City Brewing, Henderson Brewing, Forked River Brewing, Lake of Bays Brewing, Spearhead Brewing, Pommies Cider Co., Cowbell Brewing, Bobcaygeon Brewing, Whitewater Brewing, All or Nothing Brewhouse, Maclean’s Ales, Black Bellows, Majestic Wine Merchants, Liberty Wines, and more.

For more information on DigThisData visit https://DigThisData.com.

DigThisData – a product of A51
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“DigThisData has been an amazing tool for identifying key markets and finding areas of growth. Its functionality as both a data tracking tool and CRM has made the day to day operation of our retail channel infinitely smoother and more organized.”

“I would highly recommend this platform to any brewery looking to optimize their retail channel’s sales and tracking abilities. For both the office and road team at Great Lakes Brewery this has been a game changer.”

Great Lakes Brewery

Tomas Baldasaro
Retail Channel Sales Manager
Great Lakes Brewery

“The customer service at DigThisData is ridiculously good. We get answers and actual solutions to questions within minutes. Great product. Great team. A game changer for our business.”

Muddy York Brewery

David Wallace
Sales + Marketing
Muddy York Brewing Co.

“DigThisData has been doing wonders for our efficiency when it comes to weekly orders; checking inventories in stores, scheduling call days, tracking sales at specific stores, right down to creating QuickBooks invoices and packing slips in the app. On top of that, I could spend hours digging through all the raw sales data it provides for Beer Stores and LCBOs - it’s almost addictive!”

Clocktower Brew Pub

Ryan Matheson
Sales and Events
Clocktower Brew Pub