The Industry’s Most Powerful Feature Set

A complete management platform for Retail and Direct channels to calibrate and increase sales.

We’ve packed DigThisData with indispensable tools to simplify CRM, sales, reporting, warehouse management, and daily administration.


Reporting & Metrics

Clear, concise reporting adds clarity to your decision making.

Digestible Charts

Transform your data files into beautiful charts instantly.

Tabular Data

Filter and sort data. Export to Excel™ and PDF.

  • listWeekly Performance
    Automatically calculate aggregated weekly performance values including Units, Litres, Stores, and Total Performance. Filter by Product and Date Range. Segment by Channel.
  • listLocation / Customer Performance
    An aggregate report providing Total Unit Sales and Sales Rep for each location filterable by Product, Product Group, Region and Date Range.
  • listSales By Location / Customer
    A detailed report indicating List/De–List Status, Unit, and Litre Sales by Store filterable by Product and Date Range.
  • listSales By Product
    An aggregate report of Product Sales indicating Store, Licensee, Agency, TBS, Grocery, and Other sales. Report by Unit, Cases, or Volume and filterable by Custom Product Group, General or Vintages Listing Type, and Sales Representative.
  • swap_vertical_circleLCBO & TBS Store Rank
    List LCBO and TBS locations in order of performance by LCBO Subset. Select a single or multiple subsets and display a ranked report of the best performing stores together with total unit sales.
  • track_changesProduct Gap Report
    Combined with the LCBO and TBS Store Rank, visualize which locations carry your products and identify top performing locations for your subsets that don’t.
  • picture_in_picture_altAgency Sales
    List LCBO Agency Sales in Units and Volume filterable by Custom Product Group and Sales Representative.
  • restaurant_menuLCBO & TBS Licensee Sales
    Display LCBO & TBS sales and shipments to all licensee locations throughout the province with details on products and quantities.
  • date_rangeLCBO Period Sales
    Similar to Sales By Product, Period Sales provides an aggregate report of Product Sales indicating Store, Licensee, Agency, TBS, Grocery, and Other sales per LCBO Periods 1 through 13. Report by Unit, Cases, or Volume and filterable by Custom Product Group and General or Vintages Listing Type.
  • event_noteYear to Date Sales
    A rolling Year to Date Sales report organized by LCBO Period. This report includes individual product’s Aggregated Period Sales and End of Period Inventory. Report by Unit, Volume, or Cases and filter by Custom Product Group and General or Vintages Listing Type
  • gps_fixedYear to Date LCBO Targets
    A rolling Year to Date Sales Target report organized by LCBO Period. This report calculates a product’s sales performance against targets set by the LCBO.
  • eventYear Over Year Sales
    A rolling annual report comparing LCBO Period Sales per Product with the same period of the previous year. Report by Unit, Volume, or Cases and filter by Custom Product Group and General or Vintages Listing Type.
  • label_importantYear Over Year Weekly Sales Velocity
    A 12 week customizable report listing Weekly Unit Sales and Weekly Sales Velocity by location for any product. Current and previous years are show for comparison.
  • show_chartUnit Product Sales
    A graphical chart displaying Product Sales by Unit over time. Up to eight products can be selected with a customizable Date Range and formatted as either a Bar or Line chart.
  • show_chartVolume Product Sales
    A graphical chart displaying Product Sales by Volume over time. Up to eight products can be selected with a customizable Date Range and formatted as either a Bar or Line chart.

Sales Management

Supporting three channels: LCBO, TBS, & Direct Sales

Leverage daily updated retail inventory levels and mobilize your sales force with industry standard tools.

Define Sales Territories

Assign Sales Reps to stores and organize and monitor their daily activities.

Place and Track Orders on the Road

  • listView Current Inventory Levels
    Updated daily, inventory is listed for each of your products in all LCBO & TBS stores. Colour coding identifies stores that have low inventory, de–listed products, and open orders. Filter inventory by Store, Product, or Sales Representative
  • historyInventory History
    Display daily Inventory Levels for each product in all LCBO & TBS locations and monitor sales pace and product depletion rates.
  • reportStale & Out of Stock Inventory
    Display Stale and Out of Stock Inventory issues with durations for each product in all LCBO locations.
  • date_rangeStock Out Reporting
    Stock Out defines the number of days left before inventory runs out based on historical sales data. Stock Out calculations are configurable and defaults can be set by Admins and Managers in the Account Settings.
  • queuePlace Retail Orders
    Easily place orders when low inventory levels are identified. Submit multiple products in a single order with current inventory levels displayed for each product.
  • queuePlace Licensee Orders
    Use the same familiar interface to place and manage order for Licensees and other Direct Sales customers.
  • labelView and Post Orders to Accounting Systems
    Change the status of an order after entry into accounting systems. Once posted, and order will be automatically flagged when fulfilled.
  • picture_as_pdfGenerate PDF Packing Slips / Bill of Lading
    Select Retail and Direct orders and generate PDF Packing Slips / Bill of Ladings consolidated into a single PDF with the click of a button.
  • callCall Days
    Assign stores to Sales Reps and each day, a custom list of priority stores are presented to each individual Rep. Detailed views of each store gives you Contact Info, Current Sales Figures, Previous Year Sales Figures, Open Orders, and a running thread of Notes. Place an order directly from the Call Day view and flag the store as Pending, In–Progress, or Complete.
  • eventSet Follow–Up Date & Time
    DigThisData combines CRM features allowing you to set a date and time indicating when you should next communicate with a particular location. Fully customizable, Follow–Up Date and Time values can be set with ease, altering the priority of daily locations listings.
  • av_timerLogistics Cut Off Times
    Set customizable Shipping Cut Off Times for each location so staff are aware of ordering deadlines and order priority inventory items based on priority Cut Off Times.
  • notificationsOrder Fulfillment Notification
    DigThisData automatically checks inventory levels for active orders and marks them as fulfilled once inventory is detected.
  • local_shippingTBS Logistics Reporting
    DigThisData updates daily with precise TBS logistics movements. Brewer shipments, transfers, & returns. Validate your orders are delivered and track TBS warehouse inventory.
  • offline_pinList / De–List Notifications
    Updated daily and available as a report per period, LCBO List / De–List Status notifies users of changes in their product status.
  • placeLocations Map
    Find LCBO, LCBO Agency, and TBS locations near you instantly with our GPS location aware interactive map.
  • all_inclusiveQuickBooks™ Online Integration
    Enable QuickBooks™ Integration and create invoices directly from DigThisData when placing orders.
  • all_inclusiveSageOne™ Accounting Integration
    Enable SageOne™ Integration and create invoices directly from DigThisData when placing orders.
  • all_inclusiveXero™ Accounting Integration
    Enable Xero™ Integration and create invoices directly from DigThisData when placing orders.

Industry Analysis

Get in–depth insights into industry trends with competitor data.

Focused Reporting

Dive into analysis throughout the Province or filter down by Region, District, and even individual stores.

All LCBO Product Data Included

DigThisData includes industry data for every product in the LCBO without the need for a costly Sale of Data subscription.

  • done_allLCBO & TBS Industry Support
    Perform market research an analysis on data available from both TBS and the LCBO.
  • visibilityAll LCBO Industry Data Included, Free of Charge
    DigThisData now includes industry data for every product in the LCBO without the need for a costly Sale of Data subscription. Need to look at Australian Shiraz compared to Argentinian Malbec? See a correlation between Chardonnay and Pale Ale? DTD allows users of all plans to view, rank, and compare any product sold through the LCBO.
  • bubble_chartIndustry Overview
    Displaying the top performing products for the Province, Region, and District, the overview is a glimpse into current industry trends. Filter by Product Subset and Date Range, and drill down to display performance graphs for individual products in specific locations.
  • exploreExplore by Filtered Territory
    Province, Region, District, and individual stores can be analyzed.
  • compareIndustry Compare Tool
    The Industry Compare Tool allows user to search and select up to 12 products, brands, or producers for comparison. Units, Volume, Performance, Distribution, and Market Share are displayed in either graphical chart format or a scrollable data table.
  • track_changesProduct Overview
    Product Overview displays a detailed view on any product in the LCBO. View Rank, Product Details, Distribution, Average Weekly Sales (Units / Volume), Year Over Year Sales, Top Locations, and Recent Sales over time for products in any Subset.
  • repeatCompare Product Performance
    DigThisDate allows you to compare the performance of one of your own products with that of a competitors —by Region, District, or Provincially. See where other vendors are excelling and understand which locations your product is best suited.
  • card_giftcardLCBO Promotions
    View complete weekly product promotions of all types over time to better understand sudden spikes in competitor sales. Monitor the success of a promotion and its impact on product movement.
  • beenhereCompare Competitors Sales per Location
    Dig deeper into competitors sales and identify locations where performance is strong —by Region, District, or Provincially.
  • visibilityLocation Detail Trend Comparison
    Select up to 6 competitors over a time span of up to a year and generate a trend chart comparing Units, Cases, Volume, and Revenue. Additionally, add one of your own products to the mix to see how you’re performing. Available for both LCBO and TBS.
  • notificationsProduct Rankings per Store
    DigThisData ranks product performance for any store at the LCBO (by Subset) or The Beer Store. View which products lead the pack by week or customize the reporting date range to your needs.
  • import_contactsTBS Licensee Directory
    DigThisData provides the complete update–to–date licensee list to all subscribers. The directory is updated daily and currently lists over 24,500 licensees.

Warehouse Management

Have line of sight into Owned, 3rd Party, LCBO, and TBS warehouses.

Owned & 3rd Party

Real–time inventory availability for owned and 3rd party warehouses.

Prevent Over Ordering

DigThisData updates and alerts sales reps instantly of available warehouse inventory changes.

  • view_compactAdd and Manage Warehouses
    Add an unlimited number of Owned and 3rd Party warehouses including your logistics company’s
  • view_moduleManage Warehouses Inventory
    Easily add, adjust, transfer, or remove inventory for all your products and include notes and date stamps.
  • historyInventory History
    Designed to make calculating excise taxes a little easier, DigThisData provides granular warehouse inventory history that reports on additions, transfers, damaged products, adjustments and orders.
  • flash_onReal–Time Inventory Feeds
    DigThisData updates and alerts sales reps instantly of available warehouse inventory changes.
  • swap_callsInstantly Switch Warehouses
    Swap one supply warehouse for another for individual order with ease.
  • low_priorityPre Order Override
    Place pre–orders prior to having inventory available.
  • low_priorityNon Inventory Items
    Mix non–inventory items with inventory tracked items and combine them in orders.

System Wide

Organize, filter, and segment.

Compatible with all devices including phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.

Unlimited Users

No seat licenses, no limitation. Invite as many users to your account as you want.

Four User Roles

Grant granular access to your team.

  • date_rangeGranular Date Selection
    All reports contain configurable date range selections enabling week, month, year, LCBO period, and custom date range reporting.
  • cloud_uploadAutomated LCBO Data Ingestion
    DigThisData automatically ingests your daily and weekly Sale of Data files without user intervention. LCBO credential required.
  • cloud_uploadAutomated TBS Data Ingestion
    DigThisData automatically ingests your daily transactional and weekly Sale of Data files without user intervention. TBS SFTP credentials required.
  • file_uploadMultiple File Upload
    Upload an unlimited number of data files from LCBO and TBS at once. DigThisData works through the queue and updates you on progress. Have data for the past year? No problem. Select all files and with the single click of a button, reporting can be provided for the year.
  • group_workProduct Groups
    Create an unlimited number of Custom Product Groups to easily filter reports. Act as an agent for other vendors? Create reports specific to each of your vendors with ease.
  • group_workCustomer Groups
    Create an unlimited number of Custom Customer Groups to easily filter reports.
  • peopleFilter by Sales Representatives
    Assign specific retail locations to individual users for quick reporting on Sales Representative performance.
  • storeDefine Store Meta Data
    Easily create profiles for each LCBO store defining the Manager, Additional Contacts, Contact Info, Delivery Dates, Inventory Threshold, Call Day, Logistics Company, and Notes. Once defined, order will automatically pull information during the order process.
  • view_streamLitre, Hectolitre, or 9 Litre Case Reporting
    Set a global setting to report volume in either Litres, Hectolitres or 9 Litre Cases.
  • supervisor_accountUnlimited Users
    DigThisData supports unlimited users. As your team grows, add them to the system at no additional cost.
  • lock4 Users Roles
    DigThisData supports 4 user roles that allow you to grant access to your staff in a granular way. Besides the default Admin role, Managers can invite users, Full Staff can see numbers company wide, and Limited Staff are restricted to their own defined store locations and sales figures.
  • businessMultiple Agent Number Support (LCBO & TBS)
    Have more than one LCBO Agent Code? More than one TBS Brewer Code? No problem. Add Agent Codes to your account and toggle between them with ease.
  • show_chartThe Beer Store Reporting
    Optionally enable TBS reporting and receive full reporting for TBS sales, industry, and performance.
  • publishExport Reports to Excel & PDF
    Distribute reports to stakeholders easily by exporting reports to PDF and Microsoft Excel formats.
  • devicesMobile and Tablet Compatible
    DigThisData is fully responsive and can be used on all mobile phones and tablet devices for instant on–the–road access. Tested on iPhone 5 and older Samsung Android products.
  • timelineAccount Usage Reporting
    Admin level roles have access to recorded login and page view activity of all users.
  • securityBank Level Security
    DigThisData establishes direct communications with our servers using industry standard 256 bits SSL encryption. We prioritize security measures to keep your critical data safeguarded.
  • cloudCloud Based Infrastructure
    With a cloud based infrastructure, there are no installation requirements or IT expenses on the customer’s part. Upgrades and feature enhancements are rolled out frequently without the need for software upgrades.
  • money_offNo Upfront Costs, Cancel Any Time
    We’re so confident you’ll love DigThisData, we offer a 14 day free trial that converts to paid plan without any set up fees or contractual obligations.

“DigThisData has been an amazing tool for identifying key markets and finding areas of growth. Its functionality as both a data tracking tool and CRM has made the day to day operation of our retail channel infinitely smoother and more organized.”

“I would highly recommend this platform to any brewery looking to optimize their retail channel’s sales and tracking abilities. For both the office and road team at Great Lakes Brewery this has been a game changer.”

Great Lakes Brewery

Tomas Baldasaro
Retail Channel Sales Manager
Great Lakes Brewery

“The customer service at DigThisData is ridiculously good. We get answers and actual solutions to questions within minutes. Great product. Great team. A game changer for our business.”

Muddy York Brewery

David Wallace
Sales + Marketing
Muddy York Brewing Co.

“DigThisData has been doing wonders for our efficiency when it comes to weekly orders; checking inventories in stores, scheduling call days, tracking sales at specific stores, right down to creating QuickBooks invoices and packing slips in the app. On top of that, I could spend hours digging through all the raw sales data it provides for Beer Stores and LCBOs - it’s almost addictive!”

Clocktower Brew Pub

Ryan Matheson
Sales and Events
Clocktower Brew Pub

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