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DigThisData automates daily inventory & retail performance reporting with order management so your business can grow.

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Powerful Reporting

Get started in minutes by uploading standard LCBO and/or The Beer Store data files.

Empower your decision making with Business Intelligence and Sales Cycle reporting in graphical and digestible formats.

Track and monitor inventory levels and stock–out for all LCBO and The Beer Store locations updated in near-real-time.


Refined Management

Provision, track, and manage product orders to improve distribution efficiency.

Easily identify LCBO and The Beer Store locations with low inventory levels and effortlessly create and submit orders for processing.

Synchronize your team with accessible and critical information to help run your business smoothly.


Simple Execution

Mobile and tablet friendly, DigThisData provides easy access to critical operations from any device for all staff from management to sales.

Get started in under 3 minutes with DigThisData’s intuitive interface.

DigThisData is quickly becoming the de facto industry standard for reporting and sales management.

“DigThisData has been an amazing tool for identifying key markets and finding areas of growth. Its functionality as both a data tracking tool and CRM has made the day to day operation of our retail channel infinitely smoother and more organized.”

“I would highly recommend this platform to any brewery looking to optimize their retail channel’s sales and tracking abilities. For both the office and road team at Great Lakes Brewery this has been a game changer.”

Great Lakes Brewery

Tomas Baldasaro
Retail Channel Sales Manager
Great Lakes Brewery

“Having instant, segmented and exportable reports, equips us and our suppliers with a rich understanding of product movement in the market. Our sales reps find the application easy to use, and the wealth of information DigThisData provides them has made it an indispensable tool.”


Guy Di Lecce
Inventory & Ordering Manager
Majestic Wine Cellars

“Since migrating our process over to DigThisData, we’ve managed to reduce the time it takes to manage our retail store inventory and have a far better understanding of product performance. I’m not sure how we lived without it.”

Maclean’s Ales

Mike D’Agnillo
Maclean’s Ales

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